• High speed joining
  • Automatic or manual joining modes
  • Very large joining stroke of 19cm (7 1/2″)
  • Very powerful and retractable Ultra™clamps
  • Auto-alignment of top clamp
  • Self adjusting air pressure between SW, HW & MDF
  • New cutting edge electronic components
  • New sandwich aluminium side panels

High speed joining

3,360 cycles / hour (with 2 positions per corner)

The Smart Wedge Drive System™

Only available from Cassese

Join the widest mouldings

19cm (7 1/2”) joining stroke

And the highest mouldings

Joins up to 10cm (4″) high mouldings

Retractable and very powerful Ultra™ clamps


Adjusting screw

To have perfect 45° angle

Pneumatic loading of wedges

Cassese cartridge wedges are…

User-friendly Keyboard

Quick and easy joining set up

5 wedge positions

+ 5 wedges per position

Wedge reloading sensor

2 joining modes :

Automatic or manual


Up to 9 favorites profiles can be saved in the memory of the MACH 1 CART

Barcode Ready

Compatible with CS 486, CS 3099 & CS 4008 joining files

Solid crossbar

1. Cast aluminium crossbar
2. Magnetic chevron clamp
3. Adjustable rod clamp

Aluminium structure & parts

For a maximum durability and minimum wear and tear

Stainless steel working table

To prevent rust

Concrete reinforced structure

To absorb vibrations

New sandwich aluminium panels

To reinforce the robutness