• Wide mouldings : 14cm (5 1/2”) stroke
  • High mouldings : 8.5cm (3 3/8”) capacity
  • Aluminium structure and components
  • Can be used from front or rear

Join the widest mouldings

14cm / 5 1/2” stroke

Solid crossbar

  1. Cast aluminium crossbar
  2. Magnetic chevron clamp
  3. Adjustable rod clamp

Quick and easy wedge positioning

Set the front and rear wedge positions in a few seconds

Quick loading and change of wedge size

Fast and user-friendly

Can be used from front or rear

Work inside or outside of your frame, as you prefer

Stainless steel working table

To prevent rust

Aluminium structure and parts

For maximum durability and minimum wear and tear

Cassese cartridge wedges are…