• Designed for chop service or high volume framers
  • Minimize operator mistakes
  • Memorize your mouldings & frames’ sizes
  • Large measuring capacity of 2 meters (80″)

Large measuring capacity

The Smartstop™ extension has a measuring capacity of 2 meters (80”). It is designed for high volume contract or chop-service framers, who want to maximize productivity and minimize operator mistakes

Automatic width measurer

This instantly measures the rebate width of the moulding about to be cut, so that the cutting stop can adjust itself automatically to the correct dimension required. It avoids any mistakes of measurement and is much quicker than manual adjustment


The operator can change between short and long size accurately, at any time, just by touching a button

Memorize your frame’s sizes

The Smartstop™ can memorize the dimensions of up to 60 different frame’s sizes. You can set this up for all your standard frame sizes

Memorize your mouldings

The SmartStop™ can be programmed to memorize the cutting process for up to 3,000 different frames (connecting sizes and profiles). Just enter the profile number, and the SmartStop™ instantly adjust its measuring stop to the dimension required, ready to cut

Fast set up time

Thanks to its memory, the SmartStop™ allows to switch from any moulding and any frame size to another in few seconds

Odometer / chop counter

Shows the quantity of cuts made, and can be reset for use as a chop counter for big batches

Minimize operator mistakes

Because of its memory and clear information readout on the touchscreen, operator error is reduced to nil, saving waste, time and money


The SmartStop™ can operate in 9 different languages : English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Russian

Smartstop, automatic stop measuring sysem, designed for chop service or high volume framers, minimize operator mistakes, memorize mouldings & frames sizes


You can add an extension of 1 meter to your SmartStop™ in order to get a total measuring capacity of 3 meters (120″)

Programmable vertical clamps

Position of vertical clamps is memorized per profiles’ shape

Bar code reader & software

Includes our bar code editing software for managing your frames’ sizes & profiles database, to give an unlimited memory to your machine

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