• The CS969 can cut wood, MDF and plastic mouldings. It is ideal for industrial or craft use.
  • Wider cuts : up to 160mm ( 6 3/8”) / Higher cuts : up to 110mm (4 3/8”)
  • The horizontal and raised cutting stroke cuts the widest mouldings without chipping, even on the most delicate mouldings. It allows a cutting angle towards the inside of the profile and thus eliminates any risk of glare.
  • Alternate the cut of the blade to reduce waste to zero, save meters of mouldings.
  • Concrete base to absorb vibrations and get perfect cuts
  • Cast Aluminium cutting heads, for a maximum reliability and minimum maintenance
  • CE approved: meets the new EU Health and Safety regulation for dust collection (<0.1 mg / m3)
  • Double Mitre saw 45° is available in 380V or 220V triple phase
  • You may also be interested by our high speed Double Mitre saw CS999, ideal for framers with big volume of productions.

Wider & higher cuts

The double mitre saw cuts up to 160mm (6 5/16″) wide mouldings and up to 110mm (4 11/32″) high mouldings.

Type of material

The CS 969 can cut wood, MDF and plastic mouldings.

Horizontal cutting stroke

Improves quality of cutting even on very delicate mouldings

Unique “raised blade stroke” above the cutting table

This raised blade stroke of the CS 969 double mitre saw allows an angle of cutting towards the interior of the profile, eliminating the possibility of chipping and bad finishing

4 pneumatic clamps

The AUTOMATIC DOUBLE MITRE SAW 45 features 2 horizontal & 2 vertical built-in adjustable clamps. They firmly secure mouldings in order to avoid them from moving or rocking during the cutting operation and flatten the mouldings if bent.

No wastage

Because the blades cut alternately, the waste is effectively nil, which will save a lot of meters of mouldings, and hence money over the life of the saw

Additional pneumatic & retractable measuring stop

For a quick switch between short & long cuts

Solid build & heavy duty design

Weighing 621kg, CS 969 is designed and engineered with a focus on durability, reliability and safety

Cast concrete base

Absorbs all vibrations and movements for absolutely perfect cuts

Cast aluminium cutting heads assembly

Avoids any disadjustment or «play» of parts for an everlasting reliability

Ducted extraction at blades

This dramatically reduces dust by extracting it at the source : the blades

Oversized blade collars

To eliminate any possible blade flex and get perfect and accurate cuts

Reinforced bearings

For high quality cuts and durability

CE approved

Satisfying the highest safety standards in the world

Meets the new EU Health & Safety regulation for dust collection (<0.1mg/ m3)

Ergonomic & safe 2-button operation

Keeps hands away from the cutting area

Convenient blade-change system

Blades can be easily positioned for safe and comfortable access

Low noise blade

Premium carbide blades 350mm (14″) with noise reduction technology

1.5m (59″) measuring and support arms

Robust feed-in support arm, and feed-out measuring arm

Additional right-hand measuring arm

Two extensions available :

  • + 100cm (+40″) Z28431
  • + 200cm (+80″) Z28432

Special clamp

For aluminium and thin mouldings (Z19147)

Cassese SmartStop™

Digital automatic stop measuring system (in Metric or Inches), with a total measuring capacity of 2m (80″) or 3meters (120’’). Includes programmable vertical clamps (position of clamps is memorised according to the profile’s shape)
Designed for high volume contract or chop-service framers

Barcode reader

For SmartStop™ (Z21476)

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