• Cuts up to 140mm (5 1/2”) wide mouldings with only 300mm (12”) blades 
  • Innovative : new & unique raised radial blade stroke system for perfect cuts
  • Safe design : blades and motors are completely enclosed
  • Compact : 742mm (29 1/2”) depth and 167kg (368 lbs) weight
  • Secure : blades stop in 2 secs thanks to an exclusive motor brake system
  • CE certified : meets new EU regulation for dust collection (<0.1mg / m3)
  • Available in 220V single phase

Wider & higher cuts

Cuts up to 140mm (5 1/2″) wide mouldings and up to 75mm (3″) high mouldings

Unique raised radial blade stroke system

This world exclusive innovation allows to get perfect cuts on mouldings up to 140mm wide (5 1/2”), and this with only 300mm blades.

Independent, and manually controlled cutting stroke

Both hands are full, to keep them away from the cutting area (one hand presses the cutting button while the second hand moves the cutting handle)

2 pneumatic horizontal clamps (foot-operated)

They flatten the moulding if bent and ensure that the moulding cannot move or rock during the cutting operation

4 colours direct read measuring scales

Allows an easy, speed and accurate inside or outside measuring

Narrow profile : 742mm (29 1/2″) depth

Compact design, ideal for small workshops

Cutting head carter and 2 robust arms

Made from premium rust protected Alusi® steel

Solid aluminium frame construction

To prevent from rust, for a maximum durability and minimum wear and tear

Convenient waste catchment

Easy to remove, empty out and put back, in a few seconds

2 integrated dust extraction ports

Allows an optimal dust extraction, which meets the new EU Health & Safety regulation (less than 0.1mg of dust / m3)

Pre-wired and synchronized “switching-on” of dust extractor

If your dust collector features a dry contact, you can plug it directly on the CS 940 and it will start when you start cutting 

Unique motor brake system

Safer : blades will stop in less than 2 seconds

Hardened clearshield wide window

Allows the operator to get a very clear view of the cutting area

Convenient, safe and easy blade access

Featuring a built-in smart blade locking tool for an easier and quicker blade removal

CE approved

Satisfying the highest safety standards in the world

Meets the new EU Health & Safety regulation for dust collection (< 0.1mg / m3)

The new EU Safety and Health regulation requires that dust present in the air must be less than 0.2mg / m3 in the working area.

CS 940 go further and ensures you less than 0.1mg / m3 dust in the air (provided you connect the CS 940 to a dust collector also meeting the new EU regulation)

Low noise blade

Premium carbide blades 300mm (12″) with noise reduction technology (Z27230)

Feed-in and measuring arms included

For a total outside measuring capacity of 1.40m (55”)

Optional right and left vertical clamps Z28030

Right hand additionnal extension 1,10m (43”) Z27970