• NR type : ideal for softwood, hardwood and MDF
  • Designed for Brevetti models VELOX – V200 – V75 – AUT2100 – AUT2100ALU – AUT2112

  • Same Premium quality & shape memory steel than regular Cassese wedges (vnails)
  • Large quantity of wedges per coil = more autonomy
  • Coils are made from one sole strip of steel : no connection, no jamming 

Much more wedges / coils

More autonomy, less coil changes, more time saved

Our coils are all made from 1 same linear strip of metal

no cuts or connections in strips, no jammings possible

Start and end of strip is always made from one full clean cut wedge

quicker to load coils, no jammings possible

Did you know ?

In 1986, Antoine Cassese received in the USA the Award of Recognition from the PPFA (Professional Picture Framers Association) for his invention of the underpinner which has significantly contributed to the advancement of the Picture Framing Industry