• Very high tightening power thanks to unique shape memory steel alloy
  • Even stronger thanks to Power Strip™
  • Color coded to recognize size & hardness easily
  • Quick loading & size change thanks to cartridge system (no tool or nail head required)
  • Economical : 100% wedges (vnails) inside cartridge are used. 
  • Lubricated to provide constant lubrication of wedge distribution block 

Shape memory steel

Cartridge wedges are made from a special steel alloy which gives shape memory properties to the wedge.

This way, when it penetrates into the moulding, it spreads its wings which (because of shape memory) try then to come back to their initial position

Lubricated wedges

This allows easy stacking and provides constant lubrication of the wedge distribution block. Unique to Cassese

State of the art sharpening

The sharpening of each wedge is controlled by laser to ensure a perfect regularity & maximum efficiency


Power Strip™

A Cassese patent.

All cartridge wedges (except 5mm and smaller) are designed with a horizontal corrugation in the middle which improves considerably the resistance of the wedges and makes them join even tougher materials easily

Color coded cartridges

Each size of wedge has a cartridge with a different color in order to recognize them quickly inside or outside the underpinner

Glue free

Avoids jammings usually caused by glue


Each cartridge contains 275 wedges.

Thanks to the cartridge system, you have no waste : 100% wedges are used, no leftover

Comfort of use

Due to the cartridge system, you do not need to change any part nor put any adapter in the underpinner when you change the size of your wedges

Small sizes of wedges

In addition to the 5 usual sizes (5, 7, 10, 12 & 15mm), Cassese introduced 1 smaller size : 3mm ideal for slips (fillets) assembly

2 sizes of boxes available

All sizes of wedges are available in boxes of :

6 cartridges (containing 1,650 wedges) for custom framers

40 cartridges (containing 11,000 wedges) for contract framers

Softwood, hardwood & MDF

Always try the softwood wedges (white wedge pusher) first, even on hardwood mouldings. You will hence get an optimal result.

If the wedge really cannot penetrate or comes out of the back of the moulding, then try the hardwood wedges (yellow wedge pusher)

If you are using MDF mouldings try first hardwood, if the wedge cannot penetrate or comes out of the back of the moulding, then try MDF wedges (red wedge pusher)

Stainless steel wedges

Cartridge wedges are also available in stainless steel (for outdoor applications)


All our plastic cartridges are recyclable

Did you know ?

In 1986, Antoine Cassese received in the USA the Award of Recognition from the PPFA (Professional Picture Framers Association) for his invention of the underpinner which has significantly contributed to the advancement of the Picture Framing Industry