• A world exclusive Cassese product and invention 
  • Economical : 1 x 25mm flexipoint replaces 4 x regular 15mm flexipoints 
  • Wider, larger and thicker than regular 15mm… but still flexible!
  • Safer fastening of heavy and big frames, mirrors and poster frames
  • Made from galvanised steel to protect against rust (a Cassese world exclusivity)
  • Premium steel alloy to be bent many times without breaking
  • Available in black or silver colour (3,000pcs/box)


Thanks to its larger size and higher resistance, 1 single 25mm flexipoint can easily replace 4 pieces of 15mm flexipoints.

Wider, larger and thicker than regular 15mm flexipoints… but still flexible !

Give safer and maximum resistance and support to
heavy and big frames, mirrors and poster frames

For removable back or definitive fixing

25mm flexipoints can be used either
For photo frames – removable back
For picture frames – definitive fixing

Unique galvanised steel

A Cassese world exclusivity to protect flexipoints aigainst rust

Special dry adhesive

Designed not to leave residue into the shooting head, to prevent from gun jamming

Available in 2 colours (black and silver)

In boxes of 3,000 pcs

Flexipoints can be used on wood, MDF and plastic mouldings

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