• Invented by Cassese in the early 80s. It is the real thing !
  • Made from galvanised steel to protect against rust (a Cassese world exclusivity)
  • Premium steel alloy to be bent many times without breaking
  • Unique dry adhesive to prevent from gun jamming
  • Produced in rigid strips, easy to load and remove from guns 
  • Available in black or silver colour 

Unique galvanised steel

A Cassese world exclusivity, to protect flexipoints against rust

Easy bending

Thanks to a unique and patented steel alloy that can be bent many times without breaking

Produced in rigid strips

Easy to handle and load into guns. Prevent them from breaking inside their box

Special dry adhesive

Designed not to leave residue into the shooting head, to prevent
from gun jamming

Compatible with almost all flexiguns

Its universal design – originally invented by Cassese – makes it
fit most brands of flexiguns (excluding Fletcher)

Available in 2 colours

Black and silver

Flexipoints can be used on wood, MDF or plastic mouldings

Available in 2 packagings

Black (15,000 pcs/box or 80,000 pcs/box)
Silver (80,000pcs/box only)