A family business

Since 1976, Cassese has been revolutionizing the world of framing.

That year, Cassese invented the first “frame assembly wedge”, also called a “V-nail” and manufactured the first frame-joining machine, more commonly known today as a “Cassese” or “underpinner (v-nailer)”. A few years later, in the early 80s, Cassese designed and launched another revolutionary product: the 15mm flexible point.

Since then, our main objective has been to manufacture ever more productive and easy-to-use models, including a wide range from pedal, pneumatic, automatic or programmable underpinners, through guillotines (choppers), double miter saws (manual and automatic), guns, machines and robots for fixing frame backs.

Likewise, whether for our consumables, cartridge wedges, Masters UNI & AL, for our points 15mm & 25mm in galvanized steel, or for our hangers and hinged hangers protected against rust, Cassese’s reputation is essentially based on the excellence of the quality of its products and its constant leadership in terms of innovation.

Today, Cassese is the world leader in equipment and consumables for art framing and sells its products in 120 countries.

Designed & manufactured in France

Today, all our underpinners (v-nailers), cutting machines, wedges (v-nails) and points are manufactured at our human-sized production site in Verneuil l’Etang, France.

We pay particular attention to the quality of the materials used to manufacture our products and machines. Thus, all the parts used meet very high quality standards and allow our consumables, joining and cutting machines to have very high reliability and longevity.

We are also very conscious of the environment and use recyclable materials, especially for our cartridge wedges. Recycling waste is also a priority and today we work with a specialist company for the recycling of our production waste (metal, cardboard, etc.).

Research & development

Cassese continues to invest again and again in Research and Development, engineering and innovation.

Our design office works with a single objective: to help all professional framers, whether they are craftsmen, semi-industrialists or mass manufacturers, to improve their quality, productivity and results again and again, thanks to reliable products. meeting the most stringent safety standards in the world.

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Antoine Cassese


In 1976, Antoine Cassese invented the wedge to join frames (also called « V-nail ») which was going to revolutionize the picture framing industry all around the world, by reducing drastically the time required to make a frame.

Indeed, until that date, picture framers needed to pre-drill, glue, nail, then refill nails’ marks and re-color or re-gild carefully the mouldings in order to erase all marks of the joining. The « V-shaped » wedge (« V-nail) invented by Antoine Cassese was from now allowing a joining from underneath the moulding. The joining was now perfectly invisible and did not require anymore pre-drilling, nailing, nor re-coloring or re-gilding of the moulding. In addition, the shape and technical properties of this revolutionary wedge was now providing a much more efficient and powerful tightening of the corners than the one so far provided by simple nails or wooden keys.

From now on, the V-nail was allowing to manufacture a picture frame in a few minutes, or even a few seconds at contract framers, whereas the complete process could take several hours in the past. This productivity gain was going to democratize and convert into a mass consumption product, what was so far considered as a luxury product: the picture frame.

Antoine Cassese also invented the first frame-joining machine, also called « underpinner » or « V-nailer », and the 15mm and 25mm flexible points.

Mr Cassese received PPFA’s “Award of Recognition” in Dallas in July 1986. This award, an enlarged version of the pin (v-nail) used in the Cassese joiner, is made of metal with an inscribed brass plate thanking Cassese for his contribution and service to the picture framing industry.

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