Our new range of electronic underpinners (v-nailers) is now available!

The assembly system remains the same as on the previous machines, MACH1 and MACH4.

We have made major improvements, particularly in terms of more robust electrical and electronic components.

On the V-FORCE 2, we have changed the screen and the interface, simplifying menus and navigation and thus making setup and joining configuration more intuitive.

A tutorial system has also been added to the V-FORCE 2 to better guide the user.

We have also modified the structure by equipping the machines with aluminum sandwich panels, which reinforces the solidity of the machine.

The V-FORCE 1 and V-FORCE 2 are available in the CART version (for staples in magazines) and in the UNI version (universal staples).

The V-FORCE 2 also has a brand new revolutionary option: the automatic laser stapling setting system

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