As part of the launch of the new electronic underpinner (v-nailer) V-FORCE 2, we are offering a revolutionary optional accessory: the S.M.C system (Smart Moulding Configuration)

Thanks to a cutting-edge laser, you can scan your moulding and the machine will suggest you the best positions, numbers and size of wedges needed. This option was developed in order to suggest to the user the best possible joining according to the size, height, and shape of the moulding.

In order to be able to understand all shapes and types of mouldings, our teams have configured the laser and tested its effectiveness on hundreds of different moulding profiles.

The joining suggestion made by the system also takes into account the size and type of wedges (v-nails) as well as the bung, all selected beforehand by the operator.

The system will suggest the best possible parameters but the operator keeps control and can modify the positions, number and size of wedges as wanted.

This new option will save considerable time when configuring the joining. It allows an inexperienced user to make quality joining. Once the configuration has been programmed, you can save it in the Article file. These articles can then be exported and implemented in other V-FORCE 2, without the Laser option.

To find out more, it’s here